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Why Brand Identity and Brand Image Matter

Brand identity is what you see and perceive of a brand and it is different than brand image.

Brand Identity is about the intent a company chooses its name, designs its logo, uses colors, shapes, and its visual elements in its marketing materials and products. Brand identity is also about how the company crafts the language, voice, and tone in its advertisements. The results of all of these are called brand image.

It is important to establish a strong, cohesive, and consistent brand identity. The steps a company should take to create a brand identity are:

  • Analyze the company and the market
  • Determine key business goals
  • Identify its customers
  • Determine the personality and message the company wants to convey

It is easy to recognize an Apple device, a Coca Cola can, or a pair of Nike shoes. You might think this is easy, but it takes a lot to get there. In order to make your brand recognizable it is not just about the logo and the slogan. Consumers want to understand a company culture and values and identify with them.

Many companies don’t understand the importance of creating a consistent brand image, and they are missing the opportunity to stand out against their competitors and not only that, but without a solid brand image you will lack credibility and loyalty among potential customers. A polished brand image is necessary to create trust and the opposite of that will only generate confusion and chaos.

When buyers purchase a product or service, they aren’t necessary buying the product or service; they are buying what your brand stands for, they are buying your values.

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