Reasons Why You Should Avoid GoDaddy as Your Server Provider

When it comes to choosing a reliable server provider for your website, it’s crucial to consider the options carefully. While GoDaddy may be a popular choice, there are several reasons why you should think twice before selecting them as your hosting provider. GoDaddy fails at all 3 core parts of hosting (speed, security, support).

In this blog post, we will explore some reasons why you should avoid GoDaddy and consider alternative solutions that offer superior performance, support, and value.

GoDaddy Has a Poor Customer Support

Don’t get stuck in a never-ending loop of frustration when seeking technical assistance. GoDaddy’s customer support has been widely criticized for its lackluster response times and inadequate knowledge.

Take a moment to explore the Trustpilot reviews for GoDaddy’s support and spare yourself the disappointment.

Similar to many hosting providers, a significant portion of the positive reviews can be attributed to solicitation by GoDaddy’s support team. It’s regrettable that the quality of their support has declined since their days in Arizona, prior to their IPO. Presently, be prepared for extensive wait times, persistent upselling attempts, and unresolved issues. It appears that their primary concern lies in generating revenue rather than addressing and resolving customer problems. Ultimately, you receive the level of service that corresponds to the amount you pay.

GoDaddy Has Unreliable Uptime and Performance

Nothing is more detrimental to your online presence than frequent downtime and sluggish loading speeds. Unfortunately, GoDaddy has struggled to provide consistent uptime and optimal performance for many users. Choosing a hosting provider like SiteGround, known for its impressive uptime rates and advanced infrastructure, guarantees a seamless experience for your visitors.

GoDaddy Has Confusing Pricing and Aggressive Upselling

Don’t let confusing pricing structures and aggressive upselling tactics drain your budget. GoDaddy often lures users in with attractive initial offers, only to surprise them with hidden fees and upsells during the checkout process.

GoDaddy bombards users with upsells to the point where their product offerings resemble a vast catalog. When you sign up, you’ll find Microsoft 365 Email Essentials automatically added to your cart, followed by a barrage of email offers (despite email hosting often being free) and other enticing deals within your dashboard. Even their support team eagerly pushes you to upgrade at every opportunity.

We encountered a client who was forking out over $1,000 per year to GoDaddy, with a significant portion of that amount going towards unnecessary upsells. Unaware of whether she truly required these extras (and with money to spare), she ended up paying for numerous services she didn’t actually need. While some upsells are acceptable, GoDaddy preys on vulnerable individuals, taking advantage of their uncertainty. Additionally, they have been known to charge customers for higher PHP versions by coercing them into signing up for entirely new plans.

Opt for transparent and competitive pricing offered by providers like SiteGround, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for without any unpleasant surprises.

GoDaddy Has Security Concerns

Protecting your website and sensitive data is paramount. Unfortunately, GoDaddy’s security track record has been far from reassuring. Instances of security breaches and vulnerabilities have raised significant concerns among users.

It is evident that security concerns arise almost every year when it comes to GoDaddy:

  • In 2018, GoDaddy was identified as one of the primary networks hosting malware.
  • That same year, around 31,000 GoDaddy servers were left exposed due to a breach in Amazon AWS.
  • In 2019, it was discovered that approximately 28,000 accounts had been compromised, but the issue wasn’t detected until that year.
  • In 2021, the SFTP and database credentials of 1.2 million GoDaddy clients were compromised.
  • 2022 saw a rise in malware incidents within GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting service.
  • In 2023, GoDaddy confirmed a multi-year security breach that resulted in malware infiltrations.
  • TrustPilot contains a significant number of reports concerning malware associated with GoDaddy.

While GoDaddy offers malware scans, they often flag issues on websites and prompt users to pay for a fix (a service that typically exceeds $500). However, they provide minimal proactive protection measures.

Moreover, our recent client experienced a security breach with her GoDaddy account. An individual from Turkey was able to access her account, utilize her saved credit card information to make purchases, and redirect her website to a different domain. When she reached out to GoDaddy’s support, the most frustrating aspect was their initial disbelief. It took significant effort on our part to convince them to take the situation seriously. Eventually, after verifying that GoDaddy’s services had indeed been purchased using Turkish lira, they provided a refund. We strongly recommend setting up two-factor authentication to enhance account security.

GoDaddy Has Limited Customization and Control

All GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting plans can only host 1 website.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan
GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan

Don’t let your creative aspirations be stifled by limited customization options. GoDaddy’s website builder and management tools often come with restrictions that hinder your ability to create a unique online presence.

In addition, GoDaddy’s control panel falls short in terms of functionality and stability.

Apart from basic tasks like upgrading PHP versions, creating backups, and navigating the file browser, the control panel’s capabilities are severely limited. It fails to offer much flexibility or advanced features, making it apparent that GoDaddy primarily caters to beginner users. Furthermore, the control panel’s buggy nature adds to the frustration experienced by those seeking a more comprehensive and reliable management interface.

Look for hosting providers, such as SiteGround, that offer a wide range of customization options and flexible control, allowing you to tailor your website to your exact specifications.

GoDaddy Gives You Lack of Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows and your website’s needs evolve, you’ll require a hosting provider that can scale and adapt accordingly. GoDaddy’s limited scalability options may impede your progress and hinder your ability to accommodate increasing traffic or resource demands.

GoDaddy Has a Negative Reputation and Ethical Concerns

Supporting a company with ethical concerns can reflect poorly on your business. GoDaddy’s controversial advertising campaigns objectifying women have drawn significant criticism and sparked calls for boycotts.

Do you want to be associated with GoDaddy’s negative reputation?


When it comes to selecting a server provider, GoDaddy’s shortcomings become evident. From poor customer support and unreliable performance to confusing pricing and security concerns, there are numerous reasons why you should avoid GoDaddy. Instead, consider providers like SiteGround that excel in areas such as customer support, uptime, security, customization, scalability, and ethical practices. Making an informed decision ensures a seamless and successful online experience for your agency and its clients.

Schedule an appointment with us and we can help you set you your website that will have security, customer support, scalability, speed, and customization. We are here to help you grow your business!

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